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Agent Spotlight: Mary Cummings

Agent Spotlight: Mary Cummings Happy Monday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! I feel like it's been a minute since our last "normal" Spotlight Interview. And by minute I mean since September 18th. The leviathan of #PBCritiqueFest and teaching high school English and raising a tiny human have proven to be formidable foes. I have emerged from the belly of the beast, albeit slimy but alive...for now. I write to you, precariously perched atop an actual stack of ungraded essays, somehow mixed with my infant son's toys and overdue picture books. #typicalmonday If you haven't had a moment to read my tell-all piece about writing life after finding an agent, The Myth of the Other Side, check it

The Myth of the Other Side

The Myth of the Other Side I had every intention posting this ages ago. Ages and ages. But then school started and #PBCritiqueFest ate my time and focus like an unquenchable yet awesome black hole. Now that the dust has settled on both and I am beginning to move forward with regular interviews, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my journey after finding representation back in February. As a querying author, I always felt there was this mysterious transformation that happened to authors once they found their agent. Some metamorphosis. Once they signed that contract... BOOM! Instant author street cred. Bunnies frolicked in meadows. Clouds parted. Doves and unicorns descended from on h


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