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Agent Spotlight: Amy Stern

Agent Spotlight: Amy Stern Happy Thursday, everyone and welcome to another rip-roaring edition of Picture Book Spotlight! If you're new to this little corner of awesome, we celebrate picture books, their creators, and all who champion them. Miss our Illustrator Spotlight with Cortney Benvenuto? Check it out! I know you like to live dangerously, but why risk missing interviews and giveaway opportunities? That's just reckless, rash behavior. The only remedy...is subscription. If you don't subscribe, you'll have to immerse yourself in the soul-sucking primordial goop that is a Twitter feed, only to maybe stumble across a new post. Why do that to yourself when you could have an email personally

Illustrator Spotlight: Cortney Benvenuto

Illustrator Spotlight: Cortney Benvenuto Happy Monday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Dana Wulfekotte giveaway! Congrats to Ashley Congdon and Kaylen Wade on winning signed copies of Rabbit & Possum. Today, we are so excited to feature author-illustrator, Cortney Benvenuto! Let us make like dolphins and dive right in... If you had only one tool or medium to use for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? Watercolor! It’s my favorite-you can do so much with it. Name three things you can’t do your job without. TIME, inspiration, and materials. What is something you must have in the pantry or refrigerator? Yerba Mate! Tell us a littl

Illustrator Spotlight: Dana Wulfekotte

Illustrator Spotlight: Dana Wulfekotte Happy Thursday and welcome to this cozy little nook of the internet. If nobody has officially wished you a happy Spring yet, let me be the first. Happy Spring. Unless of course you're one of our southern friends. In which case...happy Fall. If you live in Westeros...happy probably-forever-Winter. Good luck surviving the inevitable and all-consuming wrath of the Night King. Thank you to all who participated in the Jessie Oliveros' giveaway contest! Congrats to Phyllis Harris who won a signed copy of The Remember Balloons! We had 36 people participate. Not bad odds if you ask me. Isn't The Remember Balloons such an amazing story? It's very rare that I fin

Author Spotlight: Jessie Oliveros

Author Spotlight: Jessie Oliveros Happy Monday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! This week is unofficially (and officially in my mind) The Remember Balloons week! Why? Because this book is awesome. And because I said so. AND because we get to hear from both the author and illustrator of this award winning book! Haven't read it yet? A pox upon you. In the words of William Shakespeare, "get thee to a library!" Or amazon. Or an actual bookstore. Today we get the inside scoop with author Jessie Oliveros. There might be a giveaway opportunity at the end of this post. Maybe. Hypothetically it might involve getting a signed copy of The Remember Balloons for one lucky winner. It might. You'll h

Author Spotlight: Jess Hernandez

Author Spotlight: Jess Hernandez Happy Thursday, kid lit fam! Thank you to all who participated in our Josh Funk giveaway contest! And congrats to Tamara Ritterhaus and Vanessa Mohler! There will be more giveaway opportunities around the bend. Next week is The Remember Balloons week! We have in-depth interviews and giveaways with both Jessie Oliveros and Dana Wulfekotte, the dynamic duo of this heartfelt, award winning book so be sure to tune in or SUBSCRIBE! But first, let's turn the Spotlight on one of our own! You've probably seen her fantastic pitches and hilarious posts on Twitter. Please welcome author, Jess Hernandez! What’s something you absolutely must have in the refrigerator or pa

Author Spotlight: Josh Funk

Author Spotlight: Josh Funk Happy Monday and welcome back to Picture Book Spotlight! My sincerest gratitude to all who participated in our query critique giveaway contest with Clelia Gore. And congrats to RB Frank! Today, we have ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Josh Funk will be generously giving away 2 signed books, so read to the end to find out how to win! Take it away, Josh! What is something you absolutely must have in the refrigerator or pantry (other than pancakes and French toast) Bagels. In my family we require a dozen fresh bagels at least twice a week. I really don’t know how we go through so many or who’s eating three a day. My active theory is we have a burglar who comes in every night, but o

Agent Spotlight: Clelia Gore

Agent Spotlight: Clelia Gore Happy Thursday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! This week has been an exciting one! We had a fantastic interview and signed book giveaway with Daniel Miyares. Congrats to Justin Colón, CJ Penko, and Dea Brayden! If you haven't seen his post, check it out! He has a lot to say and absolutely stunning artwork to share. Today, we have Literary Manager and Vice President of Martin Literary Management, Clelia Gore! She has generously offered a one-time query critique for a lucky winner! Details on how to enter this giveaway contest will be at the end of this post. Finally, on Monday, March 11th we have ANOTHER signed book giveaway with JOSH FUNK! He will be givin

Illustrator Spotlight: Daniel Miyares

Illustrator Spotlight: Daniel Miyares Happy Monday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Before we start, I just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of love and support after my announcement of finding representation. To be honest, it still feels a little like a dream and at some point I'm going to wake up. If you happen to be a querying author or illustrator and you're struggling with rejection, please know that even after 600 rejections...it's possible! Be encouraged. You have a voice. It matters. Keep going! If you missed my post, 5 Things My 600 Rejections Taught Me, check it out! I hope it lifts your spirit to continue on. Enough about me. Today, I a

5 Things My 600 Rejections Taught Me

5 Things My 600 Rejections Taught Me I’m the 600 rejections guy. Yepp, that’s not a typo. 600. But I recently accepted my first offer of representation. I learned a lot on my journey to find a literary agent. Here are 5 things my 600 rejections taught me. Submissions: 594 Rejections: 593 Agents: 85 Agencies: 69 Manuscripts: 25 Submission Length: 25 months (1/27/17 - 2/17/19) Editors or Publishers: 8 Maybe or Revise/Resubmit Request: 2 Yes: 1 SCBWI MEMBERSHIP IS A GAMECHANGER Shortly after I stumbled upon the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, I attended a workshop and was hooked. That Christmas, my parents ended up giving me a year’s membership as one of my gifts. What a pr


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