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I wrote a book. It has rules. Rule number one: read THE BOOK OF RULES (starting fall 2021!) Many thanks to agent, Melissa Richeson (Apokedak Literary Agency) and editor, Melissa Warten (FSG, Macmillan) for making this dream (and monster) come true! 

I am beyond excited to share this story with everyone. It is the poster-child for never giving up on a manuscript, never throwing an idea away completely. Prior to signing with Melissa, this book (originally drafted in 2017) was put in a folder marked "no longer pursuing." I thought it was dead. Even after I began working with Melissa, this manuscript wasn't anywhere near my radar.


In the spring of 2019 I pitched a list of manuscript ideas to Melissa to see which she was most interested in pursuing for possible future submissions. I included THE BOOK OF RULES and got a positive response. So I shared it with my critique group in May of 2019. They gave me some great feedback and got me excited about it again. Then I took it through another round of critiques at the Critique Across KS/MO SCBWI event in June. That same month...Melissa had it on submission! What a whirlwind.


Fast forward to October...we had a bite! Melissa Warten showed interest but wanted a revised draft. We shared the updated version and while we were waiting to hear back, another major house mentioned interest. Two "big five" houses seriously considering a story that a few months prior was NOTHING!? It was unreal. By mid-November we had two offers on the table...and I got to have my pick. There are no words to describe what that was like. Never in a MILLION years could I have predicted my debut happening like that. So here we are. Here you are. What are those "no longer pursuing" ideas that you have in YOUR folders?


Dust them off...because you never know what might happen next...

THE BOOK OF RULES comes out fall 2021. Let the big wait begin! I will post announcements on this page as things develop between now and then. Currently, the illustrator, Tom Knight, is working his magic to bring it all to life! So grateful to share this book with him! 

Thank you so much for being part of my story. Now go look for those old, dusty ideas. And don't forget to follow the rules...you wouldn't want to be eaten...



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