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Let me be your story coach

Whether I'm giving written feedback or talking over Zoom, I'm not simply critiquing a story. I'm coaching! As an author, theatre teacher, and English teacher, I've collaborated with hundreds of people over the years as a story coach. From teens to adults, plays to picture books, short stories to creative nonfiction, and poetry to you name it...I'm passionate about encouragement, leaving people energized, and improving stories. No matter where you're at in your picture book path to publication, I'd love to partner with you and be part of your story. 

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My Approach

No matter who I'm working with, I ask a lot of questions. It's my teacher's heart that informs my unique approach and it's the same inquiry-based method I use every day with my creative writing students. In my experience in education, the person doing the talking is doing the thinking--the learning! When you work with me, I'm going to make you think. You'll be thinking about structure, theme, comedic and emotional potential, character agency, conflict, marketability, comp titles, line-level writing and execution, page-turn moments and pagination, word choice, art notes, and the relationship between art and words. Ultimately, you'll be thinking about what your book is, what it could be, and how to get it there. Through this process, my hope is to leave you energized, encouraged, and with a fresh set of eyes to make your story even more amazing than it already is! 

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So...what's it going to be?

If you like a conversation and the organic energy of creative brainstorming, let's Zoom together! My Zoom sessions are for one hour--click the Zoom Critique button below for more details! 

If you dislike the idea of an hour-long conversation or are just super busy and want a faster turnaround on your critique, I'm happy to provide in-depth written feedback--click the Written Critique button below for more details! 

Have a question? Contact me HERE

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