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Illustrator Spotlight: Tricia Tusa

Illustrator Spotlight: Tricia Tusa Happy Tuesday and welcome back to Picture Book Spotlight. The hip place for hip people who read hip books. No, not books about hips. I mean awesome picture books that rock. Shout out to Ranessa Doucet for winning a signed copy of Romeosaurus and Juliet Rex by Mo O'Hara! If you happened to miss that interview, don't cry. It still exists. You can find it here. If you haven't subscribed yet take a moment to feel sad. Let it sink in. Feel it. Really feel it. Feel the sadness...Mmmmmm...now take that sad feeling and do something with it. Like subscribe. Why not remedy the source of this great sadness? You can do that here. People who have subscribed to Picture B

Author Spotlight: Mo O'Hara

Author Spotlight: Mo O'Hara Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you for the wonderful show of support for Ann Ingalls. If you happened to miss her stupendous Author Spotlight, check it out here. We had a great turnout on her PB manuscript critique giveaway contest, but alas there could only be one winner. It was nice to see so many corn emojis showing up on various retweets...not sure what that was about, but it was...interesting. Who knows why people do things? Not me, that's for sure. However, one such person to randomly include a corn emoji was our winner! Correlation? Likely not. Please congratulate...Lauri Meyers! Give her a follow on Twitter and check out her awe

Author Spotlight: Ann Ingalls

Author Spotlight: Ann Ingalls Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Fact: it is also Tuesday on the moon. If this is your first time here, I'm so glad you stopped by! If you dig picture books, or if you read them or write them (or both), consider subscribing to Picture Book Spotlight. We also have a Facebook page! Feel free to give us a like and share with a friend. We had an amazing turnout for Alastair Heim's Author Spotlight and giveaway. Thank you so much for participating. If you happened to miss his Spotlight Interview, you can read it here. Please congratulate: Shauntrell Leaks, Kristen Kiesling, and Alicia Curley! Give them a follow. Give them a digital high five. Or a

Author Spotlight: Alastair Heim

Author Spotlight: Alastair Heim Hey all you dreamers. Welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Did you know we're on Facebook? Yepp. We are. Be sure to give us a like and a follow! PB Spotlight on Facebook. Thank you to everyone for celebrating Jonathan Stutzman and his new books! Speaking of which...a very Happy Book Birthday to Llama Destroys the World! Be sure to send Jonathan a digital high five, or better yet...buy his book! If you happened to miss our stellar interview, you can read it here. Please congratulate Jessie DiCicco on winning a singed copy of Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug! One of my favorite things about hosting these interviews is seeing stuff like this: Now, this doesn't fu


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