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Illustrator Spotlight: Megan Higgins

Illustrator Spotlight: Megan Higgins Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Many thanks to the HUGE turnout to support Kristen Kiesling and her big news of finding an agent! If you happened to miss her second Spotlight Interview, you can read it here. And congratulations to Danielle Hicks on winning Kristen's PB critique giveaway! Do yourself a solid and give Danielle a digital high five and a follow--you'll be glad you did! Don't miss an interview or giveaway opportunity. SUBSCRIBE HERE! Today we have a fantastic Illustrator Spotlight with Megan Higgins. If you've spent any time on Twitter you've probably seen her stunning art pop up on your feed. Every time she posts somethin

Author Spotlight: Kristen Kiesling's Agent Success Story

Author Spotlight: Kristen Kiesling's Agent Success Story Welcome to a special edition of Picture Book Spotlight! Many congrats to Rebecca Gardyn Levington for winning a rhyming picture book manuscript critique by THE Diana Murray! June Small's signed book giveaway of Odd Animal ABC's is still going strong! If you missed that interview, you can read it here. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss any Spotlight Interviews and giveaways! Today I am SO excited to share a follow up interview with Kristen Kiesling after she recently found literary representation! Here is Kristen's first Author Spotlight back in April. It's important to cheer each other on and share in the joy of another author o

Author Spotlight: June Smalls

Author Spotlight: June Smalls Happy Friday and welcome to a special bonus edition of Picture Book Spotlight! At the beginning of May I started posting once a week instead of every Tuesday and Thursday. As you might imagine, three months straight with two posts a week was becoming difficult to manage. And I didn't have time for my own writing...a bit of a problem for an author. So I decided maybe less was more. However, Stacey Corrigan from @OntheScenein19 reached out to see if I would be interested in featuring authors and illustrators debuting this year. Of course I was! So in order to accommodate all my scheduled interviews (I'm booked well into 2020), I had to create space for the occasio

Author Spotlight: Diana Murray

Author Spotlight: Diana Murray Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight. To begin, we need to have a serious talk. About subscription. It's a problem facing hundreds of people and could potentially affect you as well. Recent studies have shown subscription to Picture Book Spotlight leads to increased knowledge of the kidlit industry. It can lead to free books signed by beloved authors and illustrators. Manuscript critiques by agents and authors. And the worst part...some fringe data suggests people have increased amounts of dopamine in their brain and have also experienced a terrifying sensation known as...laughter. If you would like to develop a subscription problem, you can do t

Agent Spotlight: Kate McKean

Agent Spotlight: Kate McKean Happy Tuesday and welcome back to Picture Book Spotlight! I say welcome back assuming of course you have previously perused the flowing waters of this serene yet silly corner of the internet. If you are a fellow kidlit warrior in the thick of the query battle, on an epic quest for traditional publication and picture book glory, you're in the right place. Picture Book Spotlight celebrates picture books, their creators, and all who champion them. We feature author and illustrator interviews. Agent interviews. And basically everything in between. Sometimes there are giveaways. Sometimes there are not. But there is always something relevant to picture books...and h


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