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Agent Spotlight: James McGowan

Agent Spotlight: James McGowan Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight. Thanks again for showing up to support fantastic debut authors like Pippa Chorley! Her two winners for signed copies of Counting Sheep are: Delia Black, and Amy Benoit. CONGRATS! Miss Pippa's Author Spotlight? Check it out here. Today we have another Agent Spotlight! I am pleased to turn the lights up on Literary Assistant, James McGowan of Bookends Literary Agency...who is ACTIVELY BUILDING HIS PICTURE BOOK CLIENT LIST! If I told you he didn't have a giveaway with his post, I would be deliberately lying. Because he does. He totally does. But first...dim the lights. Settle in. SNAP. The spotlight kicks on. It

Author Spotlight: Pippa Chorley

Author Spotlight: Pippa Chorley Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing up in droves (a real unit of measure) to support Tara Lazar! I mean I knew she was awesome...but...it was sheer madness. Over 150 participants in her giveaway and nearly 80 new subscribers! If you happened to miss her stellar interview, you can read it here. The lucky winner of Tara's giveaway was Charlotte Offsay! She chose a picture book manuscript critique and I am in no way jealous...(cough). Okay, I'm totally jealous. As are many of you, no doubt. Make sure to tell Charlotte congrats and give her a follow! There's an ancient remedy to heal the wound inflicted

Author Spotlight: Tara Lazar

Author Spotlight: Tara Lazar Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you so much to all who participated in the Cirocco Dunlap giveaway. Three new friends will get to enjoy the awesomeness that is Crunch the Shy Dinosaur. Please congratulate: Joel Chalmers, Kimberly Gutierrez, and Sue Young! Give them a follow and a digital high five. Why? Cause high fives are amazing. Duh. Miss the Author Spotlight with Cirocco Dunlap? Check it out! Today is a wonderful day. Everyday above ground is a wonderful day, but today is extra special. Because today is Tara Lazar day. Tara is one of my very favorite picture book authors. Hands down. If you haven't read one of her books, stop what

Author Spotlight: Cirocco Dunlap

​Author Spotlight: Cirocco Dunlap Pleasant Tuesday, average, literate citizen. Welcome to the internet website known as Picture Book Spotlight. The serious blog for serious people about serious picture books. If you came to be entertained...you can leave right now. Because this isn't "one of those blogs." Absolutely not. This is ART, people. ART IS NOT FUNNY. ART IS SERIOUS. BOOKS ARE SERIOUS! If you are a non-funny, serious appreciator or writer/creator of picture books you might want to consider subscribing. When you subscribe, you will receive emails filled with serious content that is in no way visually appealing or entertaining. We examine picture books in the most dry, anodyne, and sto

Author/Illustrator Spotlight: Megan & Jorge Lacera

​Author/Illustrator Spotlight: Megan & Jorge Lacera Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you again for participating in my critique giveaway last week. I was humbled and BLOWN AWAY by the turnout. And I'm very excited to start offering critiques this coming August! I will do another big giveaway in July in anticipation of that, so stay tuned. If you participated in the June giveaway you get 20% off any of my critique offerings! And congratulations to Chelsea Tornetto, Stacy Burch, and Gretchen Pitluk for winning the giveaway! Make sure to give them a follow and a digital high five. Another congratulations to Rhys Keller and Lydia Brownlow on winning the Megan Higgins' p


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