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Author/Illustrator Spotlight: Margarita Surnaite

Author/Illustrator Spotlight: Margarita Surnaite Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight. Say, kidlit fam, what's better than a book giveaway?...A TWO SCOOP GIVEAWAY! Many thanks for the love and support shown to Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw and her debut picture book, I Campaigned for Ice Cream. Our two winners for a signed copy of this book were: Kate Allen Fox & Dedra Davis! Congrats, you two! There's still plenty of time to enter our other giveaway happening right now--check out Lydia Lukidis' Author Spotlight about No Bears Allowed. On with today. If you've been following this blog for any amount of time, you've probably noticed it's really important to me to ask good questions.

Author Spotlight: Lydia Lukidis

Author Spotlight: Lydia Lukidis Welcome to Picture Book Spotlight. The blog likely invading your inbox more frequently than you would prefer. Please don't unsubscribe...it hurts my feelings. Things are busy around these parts lately. Lots going on in this corner of the internet and even more to celebrate. Another big cheer for Jess Hernandez on finding her literary agent! Shirley-Espada Richey won Jess's query critique but decided to spread the love and award the win to Ranessa Douchet! So fun to watch everyone lift each other up. Shirley certainly could have taken the critique opportunity, but she wanted to share her good fortune with another. I love it. On Tuesday we had an Author Spotligh

Author Spotlight: Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw

Author Spotlight: Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw It's Tuesday. That must mean...a new Picture Book Spotlight. Welcome back. I'd like to start things off by saying THANK YOU for reading, recommending, and retweeting our posts! My hope for this blog is that it is meaningful, practical, thought provoking and entertaining. Many congratulations goes out to Betsy Parkinson! Betsy won a picture book manuscript critique by Alyssa Jennette of Stonesong Literary Agency. If you happened to miss that post, you can read it here. Don't forget we still have Jess Hernandez's giveaway in full swing--a query critique by Jess! Did you see that she got an agent? Read about it here. Today we have a very unique Author Sp

Author Spotlight: Jess Hernandez's Agent Success Story

Author Spotlight: Jess Hernandez's Agent Success Story Happy Friday and welcome to a special edition of Picture Book Spotlight. Whenever I see an author announce they have received agent representation I always feel encouraged. It reminds me that it's still happening. There are still slush-pile Cinderella stories. There are still agents signing authors and illustrators. There is still hope for those brave and beautiful souls on the solitary query quest. I am overjoyed to bring you one such story. Like so many authors, Jess has spent years putting her work and herself out there, suffering hundreds of rejections...truly the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. And she could have stopped at

Agent Spotlight: Alyssa Jennette

Agent Spotlight: Alyssa Jennette Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you for showing all the love for Stacey Corrigan's debut of The Pencil Eater. Stacey gave away 2 picture book manuscript critiques! And the winners are... Stacey Miller and Penny McNally! CONGRATS!!! May Stacey help your manuscripts shine like stars. And soar like eagles. Miss Stacey's Author Spotlight? You can remedy this error here. I'm very excited to bring you ANOTHER excellent Agent Spotlight. Today, we feature Alyssa Jennette of Stonesong Literary Agency. Wait, ANOTHER Agent Spotlight? But didn't we JUST have James McGowan on like 2 weeks ago? Yes. Yes, we did. But there's probably not an awesom

Author Spotlight: Stacey Corrigan

Author Spotlight: Stacey Corrigan Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you to all who participated in James McGowan's Agent Spotlight and picture book manuscript giveaway--what a phenomenal turnout! Missed it because you were too busy living in "reality" or under a rock? You can read it here. Despite the great participation...there can only be one (Highlander) winner...please congratulate... Emily Ramquist! Our next Agent Spotlight giveaway will be next week so be sure to stay tuned! I'm very excited to feature another Author Spotlight for a debut picture book. Stacey Corrigan is actually celebrating her launch date TODAY! What an absolute joy to share in this moment wi


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