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Picture Book Critique Fest

As writers and artists we desperately want our work to be its very best. Whether you're just starting to play around with the idea of creating picture books or if you're a seasoned veteran, we're all united by the fact that making stories work is a PROCESS that requires critique and revision. Nobody gets it right the first time. Nobody. And would it even mean anything if we did? It's about the climb. The walk. The daily grind. Not the end goal. The finished product. Or the fruit of our labor. It's about the labor it took to make that fruit burst forth--and what we learn along the way. I could wax poetic some more about the relationship between meaning and work and art and what the struggle t

Author Spotlight: Sarah Hoppe

Author Spotlight: Sarah Hoppe​ No, this is not a drill. This is not a test. It's Picture Book Spotlight. Many thanks for all the support for Lizzy Rizzi! If you happened to miss her Author Spotlight, check it out here. Congrats to Carrie Cook for winning a query and picture book manuscript critique from Lizzy! Today we get to celebrate another debut picture book. Sarah Hoppe's Who Will? Will You? is a delight to read--check it out! Without further ado... Here's Sarah Name three things you can’t do your job without. Quiet time, laptop, internet. Even though the internet is hugely distracting, I check random facts that pertain to my stories often enough that it’s nice to have around. What’s s

Author Spotlight: Lizzy Rizzi

Author Spotlight: Lizzy Rizzi Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Did you know that an AI program writes this blog? It's true. There is no actual "Brian Gehrlein." That's just the name of the algorithm that produces our picture book themed interviews with authors, illustrators, and agents. The Brian 3000 (as he is known around the office) thrives solely on the laughter of children...and website subscriptions. That's right. In fact, every time a bell rings...someone else has just subscribed to this site. So if you haven't subscribed, think about the poor, hungry Brian 3000 sulking in the corner--feed the Brian 3000. Ring a bell. Go on. Do it. Well over 500 bells have rung sin

Author Spotlight: Lisa Kalma

Author Spotlight: Lisa Kalma Welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Today is all about llamas. And their drama. In my experience, llamas always seem to have more drama than other quadrupeds. No, we will not be interviewing a llama so get that out of your head. Lisa Kalma recently debuted her picture book, My Llama Drama and it is a hoot and a half! Lisa is generously offering a picture book manuscript critique with her post, so be sure to read to the end for more information! But before all that... Here's Lisa! My laptop, a flat space for balancing said laptop and a healthy imagination! What’s something you absolutely must have in your refrigerator, pantry, or refrigerator? I have a feeling thi


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