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Agent Spotlight: Erin Casey

Agent Spotlight: Erin Casey Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Hey, kidlit fam. We've had a full month of awesome stuff so let's jump right in and finish it out strong! Fist off, many congrats goes to Kristy Nuttall for winning a signed copy of Charlotte Agell's MAYBE TOMORROW? Happen to miss that Author Spotlight? Read the interview here. Definitely spend some time with that book--you'll be SO pleased you did! This past Friday we had a very special Author & Champion Spotlight Interview with Kaitlyn Sanchez! Her giveaway is still going strong until Friday morning, so be sure to share her post to toss your name into the raffle for one of her two critiques--open to PB, CB, M

Author & Champion Spotlight: Kaitlyn Sanchez

Author & Champion Spotlight: Kaitlyn Sanchez Hello, If you have stumbled into this tiny nook of the internet by mistake, allow me to welcome you to Picture Book Spotlight. If you are confused what that means...it's a blog about picture books. You know the books with...pictures...for...kids? If you are still confused and would like to return to a more familiar place of the internet, I cannot help you. You are stuck here for life. Or at least until you click elsewhere. So get comfortable. And I apologize in advance. There is nothing funny or entertaining about this blog. It is a serious place for serious artists so get ready to be serious and not smile for several minutes. Don't even think abo

Author Spotlight: Charlotte Agell

Author Spotlight: Charlotte Agell Happy Monday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Today I am very happy to get back into our "normal" interviews--although if you've read much from me, "normal" probably isn't a word you'd use to describe me or these posts! Because normal isn't any fun. With these interviews, my hope is to always ask deep questions and to provide industry relevant (and entertaining) content that is visually appealing for all picture book lovers and creators. Maybe Tomorrow? was definitely one of my top five favorite picture books from 2019 and after this post, I hope you'll consider giving it a read. Or two. Or eight. It's one of those books that really sits with you in a

2019 Picture Book Spotlight Award Winners

2019 Picture Book Spotlight Award Winners Happy Thursday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Today I have the pleasure of announcing the 2019 Picture Book Spotlight Awards--the top picture books in 2019 nominated by YOU! The books below represent the top ten most frequently nominated books by those who participated in the award process. After tallying everything up, I was jazzed with the results. There are some fantastic choices!--you all have great taste! We had just around 70 participants and 178 unique picture book nominations! SO MANY AMAZING BOOKS! From those 178 nominations, we did of course have some books receive more than one nomination from multiple people. Thus the top ten emer


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