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2019 #PBCritiqueFest WINNERS!


Thank you SO MUCH for participating in our first ever #PBCritiqueFest. If you are wondering if this will be an annual thing...wonder no more. Absolutely it will!

None of this would have been possible if it weren't for our fabulous 2019 participants who took a risk on a debut event for a no-name, unpublished author and his boutique literary blog. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Be sure to reach out and thank our participants for their time and talent to give back like this--they all could have said no!


Below are our 2019 winners! We had 436 registrations, 742 additional entries logged, and a grand total (including the weighted activities which gave people more entries) of 1,969 entries!

That means at most, our 35 winners had a .02% chance of making it into the winner pool--talk about slim odds!

If you don't see your name below, I sincerely encourage you to stick around pbspotlight--we have more great interviews and giveaway opportunities just around the bend!

Winners will be contacted by me via email on October 26th with more info about how to submit their project for critique--some of our participants have further instructions or deadlines that they want me to communicate, so be watching your email, winners!

Without further ado...

Congratulations to all and thank you for a very successful debut #PBCritiqueFest!

Well, I don't know about you but I'm supremely exhausted.

Time for me to go sleep for about a month!

Brian...out! (drops mic, proceeds to actually hibernate)


Brian Gehrlein discovered the idea for #PBCritiqueFest after a little tumble out of a tree.

He was trying to get some honey and had crafted a rather large red balloon to carry him up to the beehive for honey extraction. When a branch unexpectedly popped the balloon and he plummeted 50 feet, he landed gracefully in a comforting pile of boulders, glass shards, and wolves. After breaking nearly every bone in his body, and after persuading the wolves to spare his life, Brian realized it might be nice to host a massive critique giveaway festival each fall. These are the things one thinks of when their skeleton is by all medical accounts shattered into unrepairable oblivion. Thankfully, he had some skele-gro from Madam Pomfrey. In all reality, Brian Gehrlein is the inventor of nothing (except his son Peter). He is a picture book author living, working, and sometimes even sleeping in Liberty, Missouri. He is represented by Melissa Richeson of Apokedak Literary Agency.

Brian's wife, Katherine, has all the good ideas--just ask her.

October 19, 2021 (34)_edited.jpg
October 19, 2021 (34)_edited.jpg
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