Agent Spotlight: Lynnette Novak

Agent Spotlight:

Lynnette Novak

Happy Friday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight!

I am writing to you from deep within the bowels of Quarantine Zone 2934901-54 Sector A. Better known as the Gehrlein dining room.

Yesterday was a sunny day and my family and I went on a walk outside in our neighborhood. The birds were still birding. The sun was still sunning. And my legs remembered how good it feels just to be in motion. Wherever you find yourself during this uncertain time, my hope is that you can be reminded of life's simple joys and connect to that which matters most--and to not take one moment for granted.

But I don't want to dwell too much on all of that. I believe we've given it enough of our collective fear, anxiety, and attention. So let's get down to something more normal. There are agents to spotlight!

Joining us today is agent Lynnette Novak of The Seymour Agency. She has a pretty nifty giveaway for this post so watch for details about that at the end of our interview!

Stuck inside with the kids? Yep. Me too. But who says it has to be boring!? Check out these story time opportunities with some familiar faces.

Finally, I have been slowly working on a kidlit resources page and would LOVE your input! Click the link here to share any resources that have been helpful for your author or illustrator journey.

You may now proceed to read. Please read with caution. Please wash your hands and eyeballs after reading. Please keep a minimum 6ft distance from the words on your screen.

You are far too close. Sigh. Have it your way...

My eyes (LOL)—okay, probably not the answer you were expecting. To do my job, I need my laptop, the Internet, and my talented clients.

What genres of picture books are maybe not the best fit for you?

I’m not a huge fan of rhyming picture books or nonfiction. Although, if done well and with the right topic, I’d be game.

What qualities make queries the MOST effective for you?

It’s a tie between voice and premise. I really need to love both.

Too much about the author and not enough about the story.

What essential ingredients go into an exceptional picture book?

Fantastic voice, unique premise, and a good understanding of the market. Bonus points for #diversity and/or #OwnVoices.

In picture books, do you prefer humor or heart, and why?

Both. It all depends on the story!