Agent Spotlight: Shari Maurer

​Agent Spotlight: Shari Maurer

The words you are reading are not a figment of your imagination. They are not symptomatic of the collective fever dream that is 2020...No, this is not a drill. This is...Picture Book Spotlight.

Picture Book Spotlight. The serious picture book blog for serious kidlit writers and artists. If you think something is funny about picture books or about this blog or about Brian's face or if you are smiling for ANY reason, please exit the blog now. Because this is clearly not for you. This is serious stuff, people...

Can you imagine if that was the real tone of the blog? Yeah, nope. In ACTUAL seriousness, it is my unbridled joy to write stories and content for this blog with unapologetic levity and heart. No matter what.

First things first: some announcements.

Shortly after announcing my debut, THE BOOK OF RULES, Charlotte Offsay reached out to see if I would be interested in joining her 2021 debut book group.

If you have a book coming out, a debut group can be a good way to partner with others who also have a book coming out to help each other navigate marketing, promoting, and collectively shouting about each other's books to the digital, and otherwise real world. I knew a little about groups like this prior to signing with FSG, so I was eager to join. Also it felt super authory so that was cool.🤓

Together...we are the Picture Book Scribblers! This adorable (clickable) banner below was made by the fabulous Annelouise Mahoney. Click on the banner to see our nifty website or give us a follow on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Our first book of the group to come out is by Lisa Katzenberger! Her book came out TODAY!!! There are some really fabulous kidlit creators with debuts coming out in the next year so stay tuned!

Next, as many of you know, this week is #KidlitZombieWeek. This Twitter-based revision celebration was accidentally inspired by myself (oops?). Back in February, I wrote about the odd circumstances behind my debut in a post called, Breaking All the Rules, and it sparked an idea in some kidlit friends. Surely there were other authors and illustrators who had books that were "dead" and maybe needed a second (or 37th) look...

So Kaitlyn Sanchez, Jolene Gutiérrez, Sarah Heaton, Sarah Meade, Kristin Wauson, and Mike Irvine put their heads (and brains) together to conceptualize and organize this week's fun. There are hundreds of people participating, unearthing their long-lost manuscripts, shedding new light on them to see if hearts...can beat again. Join the fun! There are some truly zombtastic giveaways happening in conjunction with the event. They even have a nifty little website...check it out!

On a personal note, I've been working on lots of stories (currently on sub again for book #2), running around with my 18-month-old son, and squeezing in time for a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Reading from Arkansas State University. I'm learning tons and I can't wait to share it all with students this fall.

But enough about me!

And now on to our feature presentation: An Agent Spotlight with Shari Maurer!

Shari Maurer is an agent with The Stringer Literary Agency. If you haven't added her to your list of agents to query, amend that egregious error immediately! Shari is doing a giveaway with this post, but make sure to read to the end of the interview before scrolling to the giveaway info like an uncivilized wolf. Don't be a wolf. Wolves can't can.

Here's Shari!

Laptop, Kindle and NYC Metrocard.

Why did you become a literary agent, and why picture books?

I became an agent because I love the idea of being able to facilitate and encourage writers’ careers. I want to be able to connect fabulous books to the right editors.

Describe your ideal client/agent dynamic or relationship.