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What to Expect

So, what will you get out of a one-hour Zoom call with me? Hopefully a new friend. A creative colleague. Someone cheering you on. Someone invested in your success. We'll talk picture book shop. I'll tell you anything you want to know about publishing and give you the unfiltered, inside scoop. I'll ask about what you're up to. Where you've been. How you're staying organized. How I can encourage you. I'll read your story out loud for you, channeling my reading skills as an actor and father of two young boys. I'll ask you questions about your book and give my thoughts on everything! Ultimately, my goal is to get you thinking about your story in a fresh way through inquiry. Since I'm a creative writing educator, I approach it like a teacher--be ready to have some fun and be put on the spot! 

I'll take a look at your query letter (if you've got one) and give feedback so you feel more confident about getting it in front of agents. To wrap things up, I always leave time to reflect on what was most useful about the conversation, what your revision priorities are, and how you're feeling about your book. After our conversation, you'll receive a copy of my notes on your manuscript as well as a summary of everything we discussed. 


Every conversation is unique. Authentic. Fun. And you'll leave knowing what you need to do with your story without feeling sad about it. That's what I'm offering. Nothing more...nothing less! 


If you want to work with me, I'll keep it simple: fill out the form below, submit payment via Venmo*, and I'll be in touch to schedule our session.

*Zelle and Paypal are available upon request--please indicate on the form's last question

To pay, log in to your Venmo account and search for "Brian-Gehrlein" or use the QR reader below. Zelle and Paypal are available upon request.

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