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Author Spotlight: Jonathan Stutzman

Author Spotlight: Jonathan Stutzman Happy Tuesday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Author Spotlight and giveaway of Pop-Up Shakespeare by Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor of The Reduced Shakespeare Company! If you missed that interview, you can read it here. Many congrats to David McMullin for winning a copy of Pop-Up Shakespeare! Don't want to miss out on fantastic Spotlight Interviews and giveaway opportunities? Then make like a tree...and subscribe! Do you like dinos? How about tiny ones? Well you should. For those of you who possess a human heart, we have a real treat today! Our Author Spotlight features Jonathan Stutzman, author of Tiny

Author Spotlight: Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor

Author Spotlight: Reed Martin & Austin Tichenor Welcome back to Picture Book Spotlight! Weren't we just here? Yes. Yes, we were. In the name of celebrating Shakespeare's birthday week, I just had to schedule another post. I don't think I will attempt another three post week since, well, I'm basically this duck. But I'm alive! So here we go. First thing's first. Please congratulate, Sara Fajardo! She won Toni Yuly's new book, The Whole Wide World and Me. Tell her congrats! Give her a follow! Spread the love! Etcetera! If you happened to miss Toni's Illustrator Spotlight you can read it here. Also, if you missed Kristen Kiesling's wonderful Author Spotlight this Monday, you can check it out

Illustrator Spotlight: Toni Yuly

Illustrator Spotlight: Toni Yuly Happy Wednesday and welcome back to Picture Book Spotlight. This week is a three post special! Today, we have fantastic interview as well as another giveaway opportunity--many thanks to Candlewick Press! This Illustrator Spotlight features an inside scoop from an author-illustrator with a unique journey that I hope will encourage and inspire as you continue on your own path. Toni Yuly is the author and illustrator of several picture books, including her newest, The Whole Wide World and Me (It's totes adorbs and totes up for grabs!) Let's jump right in! What’s something you absolutely must have in the refrigerator or pantry? Vegetables and fruit. Name three th

Author Spotlight: Kristen Kiesling

Author Spotlight: Kristen Kiesling Happy Monday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! If this is your first time here and you love all things kid lit (particularly picture books), then you've found the right place! We celebrate picture books, their creators, and all who champion them through author, illustrator, agent, and other industry professional interviews. Don't want to miss an interview or giveaway opportunity? Consider subscribing. You'll get email notification every time a new Spotlight drops. Today, I'm very excited to Spotlight another up and coming picture book star who is currently in the thick of the picture book query trenches. Kristen Kiesling is a Houston based author writi

Author Spotlight: CJ Penko

Author Spotlight: CJ Penko Happy Monday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Did you miss our Author Spotlight with David LaRochelle? Check it out here. And thanks for all who participated in our Isle of You giveaway. Please congratulate our winner, Phaea Crede and give her a follow! Today's Author Spotlight is with CJ Penko. CJ is a picture book author from Ohio currently seeking representation. She has a lot of wisdom and a refreshing, positive outlook on the querying process. CJ has generously put together a unique giveaway, featuring three new books from her fellow Ohio writers that will probably look pretty familiar to you. CJ is pretty fabulous so make sure to give her a follow and

Author Spotlight: David LaRochelle

Author Spotlight: David LaRochelle Happy Thursday and welcome back to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you, everyone for participating in our critique giveaway with Melissa Richeson of Apokedak Literary Agency. It was so special to get to interview my own agent, and I am grateful for her generosity both in her responses and in her giving back to the kid lit fam in the query trenches. We had a phenomenal turnout and so many positive responses--so thank you! If you happened to miss the interview, check it out here. Give Melissa a follow on Twitter, and consider referring to our interview in your next submission to her. Many congratulations to Jodie Finney! She won the query AND full picture book

Agent Spotlight: Melissa Richeson

Agent Spotlight: Melissa Richeson Happy Monday and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! If you missed our interview with author-illustrator Lane Smith, check it out here. Today, we have a very special Agent Spotlight, featuring Melissa Richeson of Apokedak Literary Agency. It's special because Melissa is a newly promoted Associate Agent, which means she is actively building her client list. And it's even more special because...she is my agent. I could go on and on about how wonderful Melissa is, but my bias would start to show fairly quickly. Don't take my word for it...read for yourself! There may or may not be (there totally is) an awesome giveaway opportunity at the end of this interview. B

Illustrator Spotlight: Lane Smith

Illustrator Spotlight: Lane Smith Hello and welcome to Picture Book Spotlight! Thank you to all who joined us for the fabulous Agent Spotlight with Amy Stern and who participated in her giveaway contest. She had so many life-giving insights for querying authors and illustrators. I'm still blown away by her generous giveaway of a full picture book manuscript critique. Speaking of which...many congratulations to Monica Acker! There will be more interviews and giveaways just around the corner so make sure to catch them all--don't forget to subscribe! Today, I get to share an interview that made me physically nervous to conduct (because of all the fan-girling). As a child of the 90s, I grew up l


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